14th Annual
The NBA G League's marquee event features all 26 teams and representatives of all 30 NBA teams.

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    League Expansion
    The NBA G League will feature an all-time high 26 teams next season. The Wizards have purchased a 27th team for 2018-19.
    An all-time high 44% of players on NBA end-of-season rosters at had NBA G League experience
    NBA G League 101
    Watch Games
    All NBA G League games, with the exception of nationally televised games, are streamed live on Facebook Live
    For the sixth straight season, 30+ NBA G League prospects were called up to the NBA
    NBA Assignments
    All-time high 92 NBA players, inc. 16 2016 1st-Rd. NBA Draft picks, were assigned to NBA G League in 2016-17