2018 NBA G League Showcase Spotlight: Thomas Bryant

By Drew Zlogar | January 15, 2018

Thomas Bryant finished his 2018 NBA G League Showcase in impressive fashion on Saturday, in the 94-86 win over the Lakeland Magic. Bryant tallied 15 points, 7 rebounds and blocked a shot to pace his South Bay Lakers.

In South Bay’s first game of the Showcase, a 117-97 win over the Long Island Nets, Bryant produced 20 points and 10 rebounds.

As a two-way player, Bryant is moving up and down from the NBA Lakers to the South Bay squad, allowing him a taste at both levels of basketball.

“Its been a heck of an experience for me,” said Bryant, an Indiana University product. “Being able to play with the Los Angeles Lakers organization and learn from the guys up there. Learning from Luke (Walton) too, he is a great coach and I just try to translate what he teaches me up there, to the court when I am down here in the G League.”

The process of moving up and down from the NBA team back to the G League team can be stressful, adding stress for a player, but Bryant hasnt allowed that to effect him this season.

“It is difficult, not knowing what team you will be on each night, but you just have to take it on full force and make the best of it,” Bryant said. “It is a time to learn during my time on each team, and I just try to be a sponge with everything that is going on, and stay level-headed with everything that is thrown at me.”

Bryant brings incredible energy to the floor when he steps on the court, and that relentless work-ethic has allowed him to enjoy a solid season so far. Seeing him produce so effectively in the Showcase this week just reassures to the Lakers organization that he is trending in the right direction.


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