Alumni Report: Q&A With NBA G League Alum Robert Covington

By Alex Busch | March 16, 2018

More than 150 NBA players — 38% of the league to be exact — have NBA G League experience. NBAGLeague.com’s Alumni Report highlights standouts among those alums.

For this edition of NBA G League Alumni Report, we sat down with former Rio Grande Valley Viper and current Philadelphia 76er, Robert Covington.

Alex Busch: Looking back at your time in the NBA G League, what did you take from those experiences to help get you to where you are today?

Robert Covington: I was getting a lot of playing time and getting accustomed to the way the NBA game is played. That helped me a lot. It was just a matter of getting comfortable to where I could play my game. It was a lot of learning the coverages and concepts in the NBA and the G League. Just the transition overall from college life to the NBA life.

AB: You saw success your rookie season, being named NBA G League Rookie of the Year and All-Star Game MVP. Did that give you the confidence that you needed knowing you can play at the next level?

RC: Absolutely. Knowing that I could be good enough to get those awards, just gave me even more motivation to prove that I can make it to the top and be with those big dogs up in the NBA. Everything I did in the G League, the reps, the games, it all helped put me into the position that I’m in. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

AB: How’s it been being one of the experienced players with a young Philadelphia 76ers team?

RC: It’s amazing just to be with this team and seeing how everything has unfolded. Just with the journey that I’ve had to take just to get to where I am now, but it’s still just the beginning. I’m truly blessed to be in this position. My teammates are amazing, and so is this organization. So I just have to go out there and put in the hard work.

AB: What can you say about the play and dedication and play of the two 76ers two-way players, Demetrius Jackson and James Young?

RC: They work so hard. Everyday they come to the gym, they’re getting after it and putting themselves in the position if an opportunity presents itself. They’re not getting caught up in the fact that they’re two-way players, they’re ready to take advantage of any opportunities in front of them.

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