David Aldridge’s Morning Tip: What to Make of Baron Davis’ NBA D-League Stint

By Brian Kotloff | March 7, 2016

David Aldridge’s weekly Morning Tip on NBA.com poses the question: “What will be success look like for Baron Davis?”

“Obviously, I don’t expect any Kirilenko moments,” Davis’ longtime friend and agent, Todd Ramasar told Aldridge. “But that’s the great thing about being an older player and being cerebral. You can still make the no-look passes and still make the jumper, and maybe as a third point guard, maybe on an NBA roster at some point. However it ends up, if he goes out and does his thing, the rest will take care of itself.”

Aldridge also quotes Pacers star Paul George, who worked out with Davis in Los Angeles over the summer, as saying that the 36-year-old still has some left in the tank:

“BD looked real good. To be honest, he didn’t look like a 36-year-old. He looked like he was preparing for the Draft. Just his work ethic. He was in the gym every day I was in the gym. He was ready. He didn’t say anything about ‘my body is aching,’ he didn’t say anything about his past injury, leaving the game. Everything was like, he was making jokes, telling me ‘send Larry (Bird) a text. I’ll take anything. Just let me play with y’all.'”

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