Blake’s Takes

By David Carey | November 11, 2014

Blake has helped direct scouting services for the NBA alongside his father, Marty, since 1996. He marshals and compiles the complex data necessary for NBA teams to evaluate current and future NBA draft prospects, essentially advising teams who to see, how to see them, and who not to bother seeing.

Ryan Blake has been involved in the NBA at a very young age. Ryan Blake began scouting at the age of 17 under the tutelage of his father Marty, as well as other legendary coaches and scouts.

These are his takes on the NBA D-League.

Blake is no stranger to the quest of a dream. Having continued scouting while attending college, where he earned a BA in journalism in 1988. He then took a five year sabbatical to pursue his own dream on the ATP tour. While traveling the globe playing tennis in the 1990s, Blake began scouting international basketball players and as a result became instrumental in facilitating a network to deliver information to NBA teams, making them aware of the growing talent overseas.
When Blake left the tennis courts, he continued expanding the multinational dimension of the NBA by aggressively seeking out talent overseas and continuing to build upon his earlier networking efforts.

He also is a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association, Writers Guild of America, West and has contributed to articles in major publications throughout the world. His work has been featured in extensive coverage in ALL Draft related web sites such as Draft Express, NBA Draft.net, Hoopsworld etc.

Blake is a reoccurring guest on NBA TV’s, Draft Preview, and a longstanding commentator on the NBA D-League Draft. He was also the Co-host of D-League Central, for the 2008-09 season. For months before the NBA Draft, Blake is featured in virtually every media outlet available including ESPN, FOX and NBA TV.

Blake currently resides in just north of Atlanta with his wife Darla and their two children, Elijah (13) and Sarah Jade (12) and two dachshunds Ineeda and Taxi.

He is also the drummer of The Other White Meat, the house band of the famous Blue Pig Bar as well as other local musical hotspots.

Blake embarked on a motorcycle ride for Coaches vs. Cancer and the American Cancer Society which began in November, 2010 to New York City for the Coaches vs. Cancer Tourney. He traveled over 3500 miles including 11 games in 9 days to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

Ryan Blake’s drive for ‘work hard, play hard’ has been commented amongst his NBA circles as thinking outside the box…his family and friends call it a mid-life crisis…Blake calls it a Quality-of-Life crisis.