Langston Galloway’s Pit Stop In NBA G League Led To Road Map For NBA Career

By Keith Schlosser | April 24, 2020

Having averaged 17.7 points as a senior for St. Joseph’s in 2013-14, Langston Galloway had put the finishing touches on a strong collegiate career. But at 6’2″ and 200 pounds, NBA teams were doing their research on the kind of player Galloway could be and weren’t entirely convinced just yet. Was he a point guard or a shooting guard? Would he size up at the professional level? With NBA teams left undecided, Galloway went undrafted and was left to make major decisions about the first step in his career.

The young gun performed well for the Knicks during 2014 NBA Summer League and, after an impressive showing, had offers coming in from overseas for the coming season. But alas, his dream was clear: Galloway wanted to play in the NBA, and was prepared to grind it out and do whatever was necessary to accomplish that very goal.

In Galloway’s case, that meant playing in the NBA G League.

After getting cut by New York in training camp, Galloway suited up for the Westchester Knicks. He had more fortuitous opportunities, but he bet on himself. It wasn’t the most glamorous route or perhaps even the most convenient, but Galloway has always been about making the most of his moment.

For Galloway, donning a Westchester uniform was about proving his worth and shinning alongside some of the more underrated (and sometimes relatively undiscovered) prospects. If he had made it to the NBA as fast as he dreamed, that could have meant riding the bench and not getting the chance to show a team what he could do until much later.  Instead, he took his development time in stride, taking center stage (albeit it, a smaller one for now) to average 16.5 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 2.6 steals in 19 games for Westchester. That was enough for Galloway to remind and subsequently show the Knicks that they needed his help sooner than later (and before anyone else scooped him up first).

On January 7, 2015, Galloway scored 7 points and dished out 3 assists in the 17 minute NBA debut he had been hoping for. But it wasn’t until his second NBA game (the very next night) that he had the kind of moment that’s more commonly only written into inspiring sports movies. The fiery offensive spark made his home debut at The World’s Most Famous Arena and wasted no time bursting onto the scene. He scored 19 points — while that in itself is impressive, Galloway had already long proven that he could rack up buckets. More than that, he endeared himself to The Garden crowd with endless hustle, oozing out with grit and growls as he played his heart out. His memorable performance was complete with a behind-the-back pass and a put-back slam that left his new fans in awe.

It was the kind of performance Galloway had been waiting to muster his entire life. It’s an outing that not only helps him serve as an inspiration to similarly aspiring minor league athletes to this day, but also the kind that has continued to lay the groundwork for what has become a six year career. Galloway has comfortably settled into a role with the Detroit Pistons, continuing to provide support off the bench. Whereas there was once questions about how he would fit, it doesn’t matter who Galloway is contested by or who he needs to guard. His reliability is propelled by his willingness to leave it all out on the floor, and he first got his chance to turn up the heat in the NBA G League.

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