My NBA Journey: Seth Curry

By Brian Kotloff | July 16, 2015

Update (June 22): Curry has signed a contract with the Sacramento Kings. Click here for more.

By Seth Curry, as told to Brian Kotloff

My name is Seth Curry and this is my NBA journey…

My journey to the NBA has been tough. I’ve learned that it can be a grind, especially being undrafted. Even if you play well, you’ve got to get lucky to get a spot and get an opportunity. It’s not always about what you do on the court. It’s about the business aspects and fit. There are a whole lot of moving parts that have to work together for somebody to have an NBA career.

I’ve definitely considered going overseas, but the feedback I get from teams has kept me here in the D-League. They tell me I’m close to the NBA and have a good shot of sticking on a team soon. Playing in the D-League has kept me on the radar and allowed me to prove myself in an NBA system. It’s great to have scouts watching me up close and seeing my improvement.

But while I’ve gotten good feedback from every coach I’ve talked to, I just haven’t really gotten an opportunity on the court. I can’t explain it; all I can do is continue to go out there and work. This is my second year playing Summer League — I didn’t play my first year with the Warriors because I was injured — and every time I step on the court, I’m trying try to prove that I should be an NBA player. I just think that’s where I should be. I’ve put in the work. I’ve gone out there day after day, year after year, and grinded to get there.

I have a great opportunity with the Pelicans in front of me, playing in a system that benefits my game. I’ve enjoyed going out here in Vegas and putting on a display of things I’ve gotten better at, especially in playing well defensively.

What Steph just did — MVP, NBA championship — that’s the stuff you dream of growing up, both of us. It feels like I have a little piece of it. We’ve been together side-by-side our whole lives, and we continue to work out together during the summer. I’ve seen his improvement first-hand, year after year. It’s kind of surreal how far he’s come in his NBA journey.


I’m his biggest fan. Just being a part of his life and his career gives me an inside look at what it takes to be a champion in the League. He’s made me a better player, just by watching him.

I always go to my dad for advice, too. He’s been through it all. He’s been around the League for 20-something years and still is. He has great wisdom of what’s going on in different journeys and different careers. He gives me pointers, but he’s also a fan and a father so he doesn’t try to push his wisdom or knowledge on me too much. If I go to him, he’s more than happy, but he lets me make my own path.

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If I can finally grab an NBA roster spot, it would mean that all my hard work paid off, that this journey has been worth it. It’s been tough at times, but I feel like I’m getting closer every day.


Seth Curry led the Santa Cruz Warriors to the NBA Development League Finals as a rookie, scorring 44 points in his professional playoff debut. In his second season, this time with the Erie BayHawks, he ranked second in the league in scoring (23.8 PPG), first in three-pointers made (156 in 43 games) and first in both three-point (46.7%) and free-throw (92.6%) percentage. He has earned GATORADE Call-Ups to the Grizzlies, Cavaliers and Suns.

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