Myck Kabongo’s All-Star Weekend as the NBA D-League’s Player Correspondent

By Brian Kotloff | February 16, 2016

Myck Kabongo is in the midst of his third NBA Development League season, but he still remembers the advice high school coach Danny Hurley gave him: “You can’t play forever.”

So with All-Star coming to his home city of Toronto this year, Kabongo reached out to @NBADLeague in December about getting a jump-start on a potential second career. Two months later, the 24-year-old, who studied journalism and broadcasting at the University of Texas, joined our digital team for the weekend as a player correspondent.

Relive Kabongo’s stint on the other side of the business:

“My All-Star Homecoming”: Kabongo’s Introductory Essay


“Like a lot of kids in Toronto, I grew up wanting to be just like Vince Carter. I couldn’t jump as high as Vince, but I wore the headband and tried to do everything that he did. And ever since I started playing basketball, I’ve driven to be in the NBA just like him.

I know there’s a lot of hard work you need to put in to get to the next level, which is where I want to be one day. But I also know something my old high school coach, Danny Hurley, used to tell me: You can’t play forever. I know that even when I’m done with the game, I always want to be around it. So I’m using this All-Star experience in my hometown as a chance to work on some other skills – broadcasting, reporting and social media skills.”

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Friday Morning: Tour of His Old Neighborhood with @NBADLeague

Before the All-Star events got underway, Kabongo relived old memories on the east side of Toronto, where he grew up about five miles from the Air Canada Centre after moving from Zaire at six years old.

Stops included his childhood home on Blake Street, his elementary and middle schools, and the community center where he used to play day after day.

Friday Afternoon: Interviews at NBA D-League All-Star Practice

A part of the elite class of recruits coming out of Canada in the last decade, Kabongo seemed to have a history with almost every NBA D-League All-Star.

He caught up with several of them as they warmed up at the Hershey Centre, home of Raptors 905.

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Saturday: The Main Event

The reactions of players watching dunk contests have become an annual source of entertainment nearly on par with the dunks themselves.

At another epic NBA D-League Slam Dunk show, we sent Kabongo out with his fellow players to film their reactions first-hand.

The results:

Kabongo caught up with All-Star Game MVP Jimmer Fredette and 5-foot-10 Dunk Contest champion John Jordan after they each put on a show.

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