NBA Summer League Spotlight: Alex Caruso

By Alex Busch | July 9, 2018

LAS VEGAS — For Alex Caruso, the past season has been unlike any other in his basketball career.

The South Bay Lakers’ guard, who is under contract in his second year as a two-way player with Los Angeles for the upcoming season, has been a man on a mission in the past two months. He was able to compete with USA in FIBA World Cup Qualifiers in June, before heading to Sacramento and Las Vegas for NBA Summer League with the Lakers.

“It’s been pretty eventful,” said Caruso, who averaged 19.0 points and 7.8 assists in the NBA G League in 2017-18. “I’ve hit some pretty good milestones in the past year. The experiences I’ve had made me a better player, better person, and I’ve just been really fortunate.”

Going into his third season as a professional, after playing four seasons at Texas A&M, Caruso said improvement on his game this summer is “really important” for his career trajectory.

“I’ve kept improving my game each year, but this summer is a really important summer, especially with all of the moves that the Lakers have made,” said Caruso. “I have some security in (being a two-way player), but obviously that’s not the end goal. I want to be able to play in the NBA as a full-time player, so that’s what I’m working towards.”

Caruso, who played in 37 games in the NBA (seven starts) with the Lakers in 2017-18, said that developing his game at the NBA G League level has been monumental for him becoming a more diverse player on the court, and making his game appealing to those around the NBA.

“The things that I’m really good at are important to a basketball team,” said Caruso. “I’m a tough guy, I defend, and I help bring teammates up. I think those are important things for a team. I try to be as good at those things as I can, and I’ll continue to work on my game in other areas that I need to improve in.”