Twitch Reveals New Trailer for NBA G League’s Latest Interactive Features

— Co-Streaming Campaign Hits High-Point at NBA All-Star Weekend —

Twitch continues to innovate the live online spectator experience for sports fans through its partnership with the NBA G League. When the NBA G League arrived on Twitch in December 2017 it featured an interactive overlay with the promise of more features to come. Fans were invited to co-stream games which enabled them to add their own commentary and broadcast to their respective communities. Today we are officially announcing the latest batch of interactive features (aka Extensions), the debut of a new trailer that illustrates them in action, and the latest news on the co-streaming front.


Extensions are a Twitch-exclusive feature that enables developers to create interactive experiences for content viewers on Twitch.

The first two Extensions featured with NBA G League games were Stats (viewers can click on a team’s name or logo next to the scoreboard to view player, team, game, and season stats) and a Loyalty Display (logged in viewers are rewarded with loyalty points for passive and active behaviors and interactions with the stream, and can compete to unlock achievements and climb season-long leaderboards). Now we are taking those Extensions to the next level with the following features:


In addition to a host of new Extensions, the co-streaming feature was recently taken to the next level when the NBA and Twitch partnered on a co-streaming competition. The Twitch community was called to submit the best clips of themselves co-streaming an NBA G League game for a chance to win tickets to NBA All-Star Saturday Night and serve as the NBA G League’s official social correspondent.

The winner was Justin “UTxJGTheDon” Gates. At the event, Justin donned a mobile streaming rig and live broadcasted his experience as the official co-streamer for the NBA G League International Challenge. Sitting courtside, he gave play-by-play commentary, interacted with viewers and conducted interviews with coaches and players. Justin was also a dunk contest judge making him the only non-NBA or WNBA player judge. His organic commentary illustrated the potential co-streaming has to disrupt the traditional sports announcer model.

To watch NBA G League, visit the channel page or go here for a full schedule. If broadcasters are interested in co-streaming the game — a feature which enables fans to add their own commentary while streaming the game for their own communities — see our guide. For more specifics on how to earn passive and active loyalty points, visit the Twitch blog.